white hair problem

After certain age of life you gets White Hair color problem usually. But if white hairs appears at your young age, now this need to be think because it may be the the result of some diseases.

White hair can be hereditary disease or nervous shock. The people will loose the confidence level just because of the white hair. So you need to treat this as soon as possible.

Few Common Reason Of White Hair

  • Result of and tension
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Tea and Coffee in excessive amount
  • Wrong diets
  • Deficiency of vitamins and minerals
  • Natural cures prevents the premature white hair

Effective Home Remedies to Cures For White Hair

Gooseberry (Amla) For White Hair

Gooseberry which commonly known as Amla is most effective remedies for the treatment of white hair. Take Amlas and cut them into few small pieces. Keep the pieces for dry in shade. Once these are dried then boil them with coconut oil. Keep your eyes on these until the colour turns grey and they become soft. Massag your hair gently with this mixture. This will help you to return your natural hair color.

You can also use amla with lime juice and almond oil. Take two spoon mixture of amla, 1 tea spoon lime juice, and one tea spoon of almond oil. Preserve these mixture in the fridge for few hours. Apply this mixture over your scalp. Leave this mixture on your scalp for half an hour. Then wash your hair with cool water gently. This mixture also helps to stop white hair and revert with your natural color.

Curry Leaves For White Hair

Curry leaves used with the buttermilk are helpful for those who suffering with white hair problem. Take 15-20 curry leaves and one cup of buttermilk. Mix them till it covert as paste. Keep this paste for 10 minutes . Then apply this on you hair and give the hair massage gently. After 40 minutes, wash your hair with cool water. This is very useful home remedies for white hair problem.

Carrot Seeds Oil For White Hair

Carrot seeds oil and sesame oil are very good remedies used for white hair. Add four teaspoon sesame oil in half teaspoon of carrot essential oil in a pot. Mix both these oils well and apply the mixture over scalp and hair roots. Wash your hair with warm water and sampoo. This carrot seed and sesame mixture helps to keep your hair natural and protects from white hair problem.

Fenugreek Seeds For White Hair

The goodness of Fenugreek seeds helps to protect the white hair problem. Take some fenugreek seeds and soak them in water. Keep this for overnight. In the morning, filer the seeds from water and drink this water with empty stomach. Repeat this remedy for 2-3 month and you can see the difference. Very useful remedy for white hair problem.

Black Pepper and Curd For White Hair

Prepare the mixture of Black pepper and fresh curd. Take the 1/4 of black pepper and 1 part of curn. Then add few quantity of lime juice. Mix all these remedy properly. Apply this mixture on your scalp. Use this remedy on daily basis for 1-2 month. It will support to keep your hair natural and helps in premature hair growth as well.

Sesame Seed Oil For White Hair

The people suffering from white hair problem can be use Sesame seed oil. This is very effective remedies for white hair proble. Take 2 teaspoon of sesame seed oil and 8 teaspoons of almond oil. Mix these two oil properly and massag with this oil on your scalp. After few minute of massage wash your head with warm water. Sesame oil with almond oil is helpful remedy for your hair.

Black Tea For White Hair

Take one cup of Black tea and one teaspon of salt. Mix them well and give a gentle mssage with this mixture on your on hair scalp. Make sure the massage with deep root of hair. Leave this as for one hour and wash the hair gently.

Yogurt For White Hair

Yogurt is one of the best natural home remedy for treating white hair problem. You need to apply the yogurt in your daily diet. Yogurt is very popular and effective remedy.

All these above posted natural home remedies are helpful to prevent the white hair problem. Also you can include green vegetables and fruits in your routine.

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