Natural Way For Birth Control-Home Remedies for Birth Control

The man and woman both wants to become parent as their choice of time. There area many methods available to control the birth. Every method has some advantage and disadvantage. We will explain about some herbal remedies that helps to control the birth. These herbs are generate the difficulties to fertilize egg on the uterine wall. So if you want the birth control then try these given herbal remedies. Here Are The Natural Way For Birth Control-Home Remedies for Birth Control.


Neem for birth control

Neem, which is well known natural herb for several health problem. Neem is also called Indian lilac. Neem can be also useful herbal remedy for birth control. Moreever it can be use for women as well as men both. Neem can be use in several forms like Neem leaves, Neem Oil, Neem Extract.

Injection of little neem oil in uterin horns will create the block for fertility and helps to control birth. Neem oil can slow the formation of  sperm and stop to reach the sperms and egg fertilization. Use of neem oil kill the sperms very fast in vaginal area.  Use of neem in any form has not any side effect.

Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s lace is also efffective herbal remedy for natural birth control. This herb helps to control the sperm formation in the uterine wall. It controls the egg fertilized which is helpful in birth control.

This remedy has little side effect like it can occur constipation in some people for few days. Please don’t use this remedy if you have any kidney or gallstone problem.

  • You need to take one teaspoon of carrot seeds within 5 hours of exposed to sperm.
  • Repeat this once in a day for one week.
  • You can use this in the tea form.
  • This natural remedy helps to control the birth.


Pennyroyal for birth control

Pennyroyal is a effective herbal plant that used for birth control. This herb works to promote menstrual flow and initiate self-abortion.

  • Take the dried leaves of pennyroyal herbs for birth control.
  • Pennyroyal tea also helps induce menstruation and abortion.
  • Take the boil distilled water.
  • Add one teaspoon of dried pennyroyal to the boiling water after removal from heat.
  • Leave it as it is for 15 minutes.
  • Add the money in this.
  • Use this tea for the birth control.

Blue Cohosh

Blue Cohosh for birth control

Blue Cohosh root is very effective herbal remedies for natural birth control. Blue cohosh has two substances for uterine contracting, i.e. hormone oxytocin, and Caulosaponin. You just need to drink the tea prepare from blue cohosh.

  1. Take one teaspoon of blue cohosh.
  2. Add in boiling water.
  3. Leave it for five minutes.
  4. Drink this tea slowly twice in a day until menstrual period starts. Don’t drink more than two times in a day.
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