How to get the larger breast naturally without surgery

Most of the girls want to look pretty with the perfect body, but this is sometimes not possible because they don’t have the perfect body. To attain the perfect look, here are some natural ways that will help you with the increase of the breast naturally and you don’t have to undergo any surgery or injections to achieve this perfect look. These natural tips work perfectly on their own.

How to get the larger breast naturally without surgery


These push-ups are not only the best exercise for the triceps but they also increase the pectoral muscle strength that are present below your breast. With the large number of push-ups at one time can strain your breast so try to do just a set of 2 or three each day.

Lift the dumbbells

The lifting of the dumbbells is one of the best things that you can do to increase the strength of your pectoral muscles. Try from the 7 to 12 pounds of the dumbbells and you don’t have to do the workout bench.

Fly lift

To increase the muscle strength, do the fly lift by lying on your back with the arms out and hold the light weight that can be among the 4 to 6 lbs. Now move your arms on the outside and your body will be in the shape of the cross. Do the sets of at least 15 fly lift in your first time and when you are comfortable, you can increase this time.

Wall press

Try to do the wall press as it is also another version of the push up and it affects your pectoral muscles along with the upper arms. Stand two feet away from the walls and keep your palms pressed against the wall. Now lean towards the wall till your elbows are bents and keep your legs where they are. Repeat this 10 wall process for the two times in your first try.

Gain the weight

This is completely true that you have to gain weight in order to increase the size of your breast. Your breast will fill just like your thighs, stomach and other body parts, and it will gain weight easily. Simply increase your intake of calories and focus on the fatty foods such as sugary foods or cheese. You must eat all types of food and it will make you very healthy.

Eat foods that have estrogen

Estrogen is the female hormone that increases the breast size. Take the foods that are rich in the estrogen such as dairy products including yogurt and cheese, kidney beans, chickpeas, fenugreek seeds, spices such as oregano, clover and sage, fruits including plums, cherries and apples, vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots and beets.

Avoid the use of estrogen pills

As you know that eating all the foods can increase the size of your breast, then why to take these damaging polls. If you don’t have any need to increase the intake of pills, then don’t do it because these pills are not effective in the increase of the breast size at all as reported by a study.

Wear the perfect bra

Most of the girls make the mistake of wearing a bra that is of wrong size. The best thing is that you should try to wear the one that is neither too tight nor too loose. Try to wear the one that fits to the width of your cup perfectly.

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