Best Home Remedies For Bunions

Best Home Remedies For Bunions

Apart from the fact that bunions are very unsightly, the pain that it causes can be even more defying and can disrupt your daily life. Bunions are deformities that are caused at the joint of the big toe as a result of wearing tight shoes, arthritis and other problems related to the foot, which could be hereditary.

Reportedly, half of the women in the United States suffer from this painful condition. Bunions that are not so severe can be easily treated at home with the help of simple measures and the symptoms controlled, though not cured, until surgical intervention is sought after. Here are some simple home remedies that can help you deal with these painful symptoms without seeking surgical assistance.

Tips To Cure Bunions Naturally

Heating Pad

A heating pad can help reduce the inflammation and irritation caused on the joint due to friction and pressure exerted by the big toe on the nearby finger joints. Use a heating pad which is available readymade or make one at home by using a soft cotton towel for applying heat on the affected part.

This will help in reducing the pain as well as the inflammation on the joint and the resultant friction. Heat can also be applied as a wet compress by soaking the cloth in hot water and winding it around the bunion for a few minutes. This helps in giving tremendous relief to the patient. The procedure can be repeated several times a day to keep the symptom under check.

Cold Press

Cold press is another way to aid in pain relief and inflammation. An ice pack can be used for this purpose. Take ice cubes and cover with gauze or a thin cotton cloth. Apply on the bunions for a few minutes. A cotton towel can be made wet and frozen for tying it around the bunion. This is another simple way to gain relief from the inflammation and pain. Make sure that you have enough cotton towels frozen for this purpose to use it all throughout the day.

Warm Soak

Soaking the big toe and feet is another way to keep the inflammation under control. Take a bucket full of warm water and soak your feet inside for fifteen minutes. This too can be repeated all throughout the day without worrying about any irritation or side effects.

A warm compress increases the circulation of blood to the area and relieves inflammation. It helps if you want to add a soothing essential oil to this like chamomile oil, lavender oil etc., which helps in soothing the bunion. Remember to relax and rest your feet after the treatment so that the inflammation subsides fast.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is an excellent natural analgesic and anti inflammatory agent that can be used for treating bunions. Take 1/4th cup of pure castor oil and warm it under a low flame. Take a cotton cloth and soak it in the oil. Apply on the bunion and use a thick and warm cotton cloth for covering over the soaked cloth so that the heat is retained for longer time. Castor oil along with the heat is a good way to relieve the inflammation and pain of the bunion. This treatment too can be repeated as often as needed without worrying about possible side effects.


Any inflammatory condition responds well to massage and hence this works well for bunions as well. Take olive or mustard oil and warm the oil slightly. Apply on the big joint and massage the area gently. This can be continued for fifteen minutes and done three to four times throughout the day. Massaging helps in increasing blood circulation and this reduces the swelling on the toe and eases the pain as well. Massaging can also be done without these oils. Remember to massage in an upward motion towards the heart for maximum benefits

Red Pepper

Red pepper or cayenne pepper is an excellent pain reliever and also contains properties and compounds that work on the inflammation and relieve the swelling as well. Capsaicin that is present in cayenne pepper helps in removing the compounds that cause pain in the bunion. Take red pepper and slice it into half.

This can be applied on the bunion. There would be irritation on the surface as red peppers are very hot. These irritants in the juice help in removing the pain and attaining relief instantly. Creams made of capsaicin extracts are available in the market and can be used for application on the affected joint.

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