9 Early Signs of Pregnancy

You could be pregnant! Some of the early symptoms of pregnancy can show up around when you are missing your periods, but most of the women feel the early symptoms of pregnancy when they are 6 weeks pregnant and sometimes, when they are 8 weeks pregnant. If you are not regular in keeping the track of menstrual cycle or if it varies then you don’t have any idea about the pregnancy. In this case, all you need is to look for the specific symptoms that can assure you about your pregnancy. After recognizing these symptoms, the next step is to have the pregnancy test. Have a look at the pregnancy symptoms.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Food aversions

If you are pregnant, newly then it is very common to be repelled with the smells of your morning coffee or your favorite sandwich. Though you are not sure, but this happens because of the increased amount of the estrogen within your body.

Mood swings

Mood swings are another very common thing during the pregnancy term because of the changes in the levels of hormone. Everyone has the ability to respond differently to such changes within the hormones. Some experience high emotions and some feel bad such as depression.

Abdominal Bloating

The hormonal changes within the early periods of pregnancy can produce the symptoms of abdominal bloating which is much similar to the symptoms of the period of 1st day. This is why, your clothes may feel snug to you as compared to the usual days.

Increased urination

The level of hormones is changed as soon as you get pregnant and it causes event chains that increase the blood flow rate through the kidneys. It causes the bladder to fill quickly so you feel increased urination. It intensifies as your pregnancy progresses.


You are feeling tired suddenly? No one is sure about the early fatigue but there is the possibility that the rapid increase in the hormones is actually responsible for your sleep. That is why you are tired all the time.

 Sore breast

One of the most common symptom of pregnancy is the swollen and sensitive breast caused by an increase in the hormonal level.

Spotting or light bleeding

If you are having any bleeding spots around the time when the periods are due then this light bleeding can be because of the implantation bleeding. No one is actually sure that why this happens, but this is usually caused by the fertilized egg that is settling within the uterus. Moreover, you have to be sure because it can also be the sign of ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.


Most of the women don’t feel the morning sickness until one or two months after their pregnancy, but in some of the women, it usually starts in the early weeks or after two weeks. It can not only occur in the morning, but this pregnancy related nausea can happen in the morning, night or noon.

Missed periods

If you are much more regular in your periods and they arrive on time than you have to decide to do the pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy. But if you are not that much regular or you are not sure about keeping track of your periods, then the nausea and other tops work well before you have any missed periods.

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