hpv virus

HPV, which is known as the human papilloma virus is one of the common viral diseases that affects a large number of people all around the world. Some studies have found that nearly 50% of the people are likely to develop this infection once in their life. These warts are usually pink in color and they appear as the raised and puffy warts.

Most of the doctors recommend the OTC medicines and creams, but instead of starting these medicines, it is better to treat yourself with the home remedies. Here are the few common remedies for the human papilloma virus that you can use at home to treat yourself. Have a look!

Effective Home Remedies For HPV Virus


This vegetable is best known for its effects on the genital warts that have occurred in result of human papilloma virus. Simply sprinkle the salt on the onion slices and leave them for the entire night. Now, extract its juice in the morning and apply it on the areas that are affected and you will see the quick relief.

Vitamin E

The vitamin E is one of the best vitamin that is used to heal the disorders related to skin that can be acne, eczema or genital warts. Simply apply the oil of vitamin E on the affected areas and it will reduce the itchiness and increase the healing of the warts.

Salt Water

High concentration of salt does not allow the bacteria to grow and that is why, the salt water is highly effective. You can soak the affected area in the salt water or simply apply this salt water on the area that is affected and this is how you will get the relief.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is the best remedy for all the internal as well as external disorders. Within the genital wart condition, you can simply apply the apple cider vinegar on the area that is affected with the help of the cotton ball. You will see the effect within a few weeks as the warts will shrink.

Tropical Fruits

Fruits including papaya or pineapples are also best as they contain special enzymes to kill this virus. Simply apply the extract of papaya or pineapple on the area affected and within a few days, the warts will dissolve easily.


The juice that is milky in nature and is extracted from the stem of fig leaves is best to treat the human papilloma virus. You can simply apply the juice for 4 to 5 times on the warts and your wart will be healed within a week.

Castor Oil

Although the mechanism of castor oil is unknown in the HPV, but its proponents suggest the use of castor oil before the bathing. It is effective to treat the warts within 15 days.


It is considered as the best antibacterial and anti-fungal agent that provides effective relief from the genital warts. To achieve the effect of garlic, simply take the clove of garlic and crush it. Apply it on the area that is affected for at least 10 to 12 hours. Your warts will dissolve quickly.

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