8 Most Effective Home Remedies For Baby Cold

8 Most Effective Home Remedies For Baby Cold

When your baby has been the victim of the cold, we know that all the things are a complete mess for you. All the nights are completely disturbed and his sleep pattern too, because of the runny nose, fever and body pain. In such situation, you can also be the victim of cold or other things.

This is not the condition to fret, but rather you must stay calm. You don’t have any need to go to the doctor just because your baby is having a runny nose. Simply take the help of the home remedies that work very well than the prescription medicines. They will increase the immune system’s potential and your baby will be fine after one day. Have a look at the most useful and

Home Remedies For Baby Cold


Honey is considered as the mild antiseptic and therefore, it serves as the best remedy to treat the cold along with the local irritation. To use the honey, simply take the feeding bottle and fill half of it with the warm water. Add half of the teaspoon of honey and let the baby drink this.


The dry air can worsen the symptoms and it can also cause the irritation of the throat and your cold will be worse. Therefore, steaming is the best option to be considered and it will also increase the content of moisture within the air. It will soothe your baby’s throat and reduces the phlegm.

Saline Drops

These drops also increase the clearance of the nasal passages of your baby and also removes the mucus that is trapped within. Simply make the saline drops by taking ¼ th teaspoon of salt in one cup of water and put the drops in your baby’s nose.


It is also one of the effective treatment for the congestion, cough or cold. It increases the blood circulation and warms up the body to expel the mucus. Making ginger tea is effective as you can add five grams of the ginger within one cup of the boiling water and steep it for a minimum of 10 minutes and add half teaspoon of honey. Fill the feeder and give it to your baby.

Eucalyptus Oil

It is one of the strong oil that can effectively remove the mucus from the nasal passages and clean the nose of your baby quickly. Add one drop of this eucalyptus oil in the dispenser and keep your baby inhale the fumes of this oil for a few minutes only.

Vapo Rub

Rubbing of this Vapo rub on the body is also one of the effective remedy. It is available everywhere and simply rub it on your baby’s chest and keep the chest covered after the rubbing.


It is one of the best antibacterial agent that has the ability to kill the bacteria that is causing the common cold. You can prepare the tea of the garlic by simply adding the 2 chopped pieces of garlic cloves in the boiling water. Add in the feeder and give it to your baby three times in a day.

Lady Finger

Quite surprising, but the mucilaginous nature of the lady finger acts as the probiotic and allows the removal of bacteria from the body. Cut the lady finger in small pieces and boil it with one cup of water for ten minutes and give to your baby.

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