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The medical experts and the nutritionists recommend the optimum conditions of weight according to the height. When the content of fat within the body increases beyond normal value, it increases the weight and makes you overweight. This is the condition that occurs when the consumption of food is much more than the physical activity and this is how the energy burn is minimal within the body. Nowadays, this obesity has grown to a considerable height and it has affected a large number of people all around the globe. Most of the people have tried to reduce it, but they are not successful. So, before switching towards the medicines, it is best to use the home remedies that offer quick and better results.

Fast and effective home remedies for the quick weight loss

Lemon juice

Diet that has the juice of lemon is the best one to treat the obesity. You can also use the drinking water as much as possible for you for the first day, but then switch to the water containing lemon in it and take it with frequent interval. You may feel hungry, but this is how, your calories will be actually burnt.

Lime juice

You can also add the lime juice in the lukewarm water along with the honey as it works as the best home cure for the obesity. The lime juice containing one teaspoon of honey should be taken frequently to reduce the weight.


The cabbage is one of the best remedy for the reduction of the weight quickly. The presence of the tartaric acid within the cabbage can reduce the conversion of the sugar and carbohydrates in the fat. Simply add the cabbage in your diet and you will see the beneficial effects. You can also make the salad of the cabbage by adding lemon juice in it.


It is very useful and effective home remedy. All you have to do is to just ripe one or two tomatoes and take them in your breakfast. Don’t go for the heavy breakfast. Do this regularly for at least two months and this is how you will easily reduce your weight.

Finger millet

It is one of the ideal remedy in order to lose the weight because of the reason that it is digested very slowly and that is why, the carbohydrates take a little more time in order to be absorbed. The preparations like this can curb the eating desire and it reduces the calorie intake too.


It is the best home remedy for the loss of weight too. You can eat the soup of papaya rather than eating the dinner. By replacing your meal for at least two months, you will see the reduction in your weight.

Jujube or Indian Plum leaves

These leaves are much more effective in reducing the weight than any other home remedy. Simply soak the one handful of the leaves within the water and drink this water in the morning on the empty stomach for nearly one month so that you will see the best results.


The ginger also works well for the reduction of the weight. To achieve its weight losing effect, simply chew one thin slice of the fresh ginger for at least a few minutes before the start of the meal or you can also add the ginger in the juice of lime or salt to pinch it frequently.

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