8 Home Remedies For Birth Control

8 Home Remedies For Birth Control

Undesirable pregnancy are particularly well known. It is important to control birth. Superfluous fetus removal won’t be great and solid for ladies. Utilize best treatment to control it. Home cures can be one of the best and compelling treatment to control birth. 0% symptoms and simple to apply. Anti-conception medication home cures are extremely prominent now a days.

Individuals know about the reactions of undesirable pregnancy and fetus removal. Around 70% of ladies don’t have the foggiest idea about the perilous days of getting pregnant and appropriate utilization of aversion. Try not to utilize any home cures if your pregnancy test are certain. It might happen unnatural birth cycle.

Utilize some helpful and great home cures after perilous intercourse. For solid and great intercourse utilize aversion of anti-conception medication. There are a wide range of sorts of solution to control birth however have some symptoms. Home cures regard control birth.

Best Home Remedies For Birth Control

There are different solutions for conception prevention. In the event that anti-conception medication is giving you issue than counsel your specialist. There are some best and simple home solutions for control birth. This home healing aide underneath will bail you out with some first rate and very much attempted cures that will help you accomplish the objectives.

Calender Method

In this strategy, ladies need to record their menstrual cycle. By recording one can avert conception prevention. Will help you to known the length of each mentrual. Number the days from the main day. Eight cycle is must. You can do 12 cycle too. On the off chance that your short cyle of 26 than subtract 18 from 26. Result is 8. On the off chance that the very first moment is the fourth day of the month than check X. Will be eleventh .

So when you intercourse on that day utilize counteractive action since you are probably going to get pregnant on that day. Longest cycle is 30 than subtract 11 from 30. Result is 29. Rehash an indistinguishable procedure from specified in this cure. It just give you safe days which are probably going to get pregnant. Don’t intercourse without ensures on dangerous days. On the off chance that your cycle is shorter than 27 days don’t utilize calender technique.

Anzeer Dried Fruit

Have anzeer after intercourse. Will help in conception prevention. Have 2 to 3 bits of anzeer. It is a dried organic product. It is likewise helps in legitimate course and conception prevention. Eat once in a day. Try not to eat much since it makes the stomach sporadic.

Exceptionally mainstream and great home cure. Try not to devour when you are pregnant. It additionally helps in averting pregnancy. Many individuals eat anzeer for development and wellbeing. Helps in number of issues identified with the body.


Eat papaya after perilous intercourse. It will avert pregnancy. In any event eat twice per day for 3 to 4 days. May not eat routinely. Papaya helps in anti-conception medication and undesirable fetus removal. It gives calcium and vitamins.

Useful for skin sparkle and enhances assimilation. If it’s not too much trouble abstain from eating papaya if pregnancy test is certain. Little papaya will work. You can likewise have jamu, wild yam and psoralea natural products. Helps in anti-conception medication. Effortlessly accessible.

Vitamin C Best Remedy

Expend unadulterated vitamin C. No rosehips, it ought to be immaculate. Take 1500mg of vitamin. It will control birth. Take 2 times in a day. For 3 day after intercourse. In the event that your period is a day or two days delay than take 3000ml for 5 days. On the off chance that your pregnancy test is certain than don’t take a dosage.

It might bring about unnatural birth cycle and can get you perilous condition. Try not to do unsuccessful labor at home. It is the best and compelling home solution for anti-conception medication. Vitamin C is exceptionally helpful in skin gleam, measles and agony. Individuals take vitamins supplementary for sound body.

Temperature Method

Ladies need to record their menstrual cycle. At the point when every day temperature of the body is recorded, you will see that the temperature rises small amid the season of ovulation. It falls on the following time frame. All things considered you can maintain a strategic distance from conception prevention. Recording your body temperature day by day is must.

You ought to record the temperature three circumstances in a day. Morning, night and night. Put the thermometer for 5 minutes and under the tongue or at the rectum. We require basal thermometer. This technique is simple and great to control birth. Ensure the temperature is recorded effectively.

Dried Apricots Use

We require 100gm of dried apricot, 2 tablespoon of nectar and water. Heat up the blend for 20 to 30 minutes. Mix the blend and drink one glass this blend. This will quit draining and control birth. Dried apricots are likewise utilized as a part of control birth in numerous minor cases.

Kindly don’t eat when pregnancy results are sure. Having it additionally enhance blood level. It is exceptionally helpful in skin sparkle. Must apply this home cure. Fast and simple method for curing abundance draining and anti-conception medication.

Carrot Seeds

We require wild carrot seeds. This cure is utilized from fifth century B.C. At the point when there was nothing to avert pregnancy. It was utilized to control birth. Presently a days it is extremely normal. Ladies who need to control birth need to bite the wild carrot seeds. If unrealistic then crush it little and absorb 1 teaspoon the water.

Drink a lot of water

Drink once in a day for few days. It is the most seasoned home solution for conception prevention. Compelling cure. Many individuals drink this blend. On the off chance that individuals don’t utilize common averting pregnancies. Drink it. Will see brisk outcomes. Try not to eat on the off chance that you are pregnant. It might hurt you.

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