7 Natural Remedies for Frequent Urination at Night

7 Natural Remedies for Frequent Urination at Night

Nocturia, the term for frequent urination overnight, refers to the need to urinate more often at night than what is normal for you. One-third of people over 30 years of age have to make at least two trips to the bathroom at night. The older you are, the more likely you are to have to get up. Nocturia is a problem for both men and women. Age often affects men the most since an enlarged prostate is common. After menopause, a woman produces more estrogen which can cause changes in the urinary tract. While age does often play a part in this condition, it is not the only cause, and it is important to realize there may be other causes, such as retaining fluid, congestive heart failure, and poorly treated diabetes. Below are some natural remedies and procedures to help Nocturia. Meanwhile, consult your physician to rule out serious conditions.

7 Natural Remedies for Frequent Urination at Night

Lifestyle Choices

Some basic lifestyle choices can help you control your frequent nighttime urination. Drinking excessive liquids close to within an hour and a half of bedtime can cause this condition. Both alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks are diuretics and not only cause you to make more trips to the bathroom, but also act as stimulants, which only disturbs your sleep more.


Prescription medications are often given to patients to treat conditions such as high blood pressure and the retention of water due to heart failure. These are diuretics and cause the body to excrete excess fluid. If you take a diuretic at night, ask your physician if it would be possible to take it at another time, like in the morning or afternoon, when you would be able to deal with the frequent urination more easily.


Certain foods should be avoided since they only make overactive bladder worse. Avoid caffeine, tomato products, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, spicy foods, and salty foods. Granted this covers many foods that people are used to having in their diet, but controlling frequent nocturnal urination is more important to your health (getting enough uninterrupted sleep) and to your peace of mind.


While there is very little scientific research that been done on the effects of herbs in controlling frequent nocturnal urination, many natural plants have been successfully used for centuries. If you take prescriptions or have medical condition your doctor is treating you for, please check with them before trying these herbs since they might interfere with your medications. Some herbs that can be helpful are cornsilk, cleavers, buchu, gosha-jinki-gan, and saw palmetto.


Maintaining a healthy weight is necessary for all around good health. But excess weight can also add to the problem of urinating often during the night. One of the ways weight does damage to your body is by causes excess pressure to be put on your bladder. This can cause overactive bladder in the nighttime, but also during the day. It will seem worse during the night because of sleep interruptions.

Elevating Legs

If you have edema, water retention, you can elevate your legs as often as possible throughout the day to reduce the swelling. Afternoon naps can help too, again, keeping your legs elevated while you sleep. Compression stockings are often helpful and will keep your body from having to eliminate excess fluid at night.


The body can be trained to strengthen the muscles that control urination. If a schedule is made for voiding during the day, and although it seems not to be exercise, it trains the bladder to contract only when the bladder is full. The most well-known other exercise is the Kegal. These can be done almost anywhere. Just tighten the muscles used to start and stop the flow of urine, hold and release. Kegal balls are also available for this purpose.

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