7 Most Effective Home Remedies For Nasal Polyps

how to remove nasal polyps yourself

These polyps are known as the extra growths that are developed within the nasal cavities. These polyps have the jelly like thickness and they are very uncomfortable in their nature. They not only cause the discomfort and soreness, but they are also responsible for the other symptoms,

including nasal pain, nasal blockage and inflammation. Frequent snoring is also likely to occur. The most common therapy that attracts a large number of people to get rid of these nasal polyps are the steroid injections, anti-fungal medications, oral steroids or as the last option, it is surgery.

But, be aware that there are certain top and effective home remedies that also helps in the nasal polyp removal. These remedies produce no side effect and thus they are very safe to apply as compared with the other treatments. Here are the remedies for the nasal polyps.

7 Natural Cures For Nasal Polyps

Homemade nasal rinses

You will find a lot of saline drops within the medical stores, but to be effective therapy, it is recommended to use the nasal saline drops that are made at home. If you are breathing in the nasal saline drops, it will be very helpful in clearing the nasal cavities and thus, it curbs all the issues of the nasal cavity. You can prepare the spray by mixing the Epsom salt in one glass of warm water until it is completely mixed. Now, store this solution in an empty bottle and use three times a day.

Steam inhalation

Inhalation of the steam with the regular interval is very effective way to treat the nasal congestion along with other symptoms of the nasal polyps. The procedure of steam involves the inhalation of the steam coming out from the boiling water while covering head with the towel so that you can face the steam directly.

Hot Baths

Taking the hot shower also helps in the relief of the symptoms of the nasal polyps. Simply soak your body in the hot water or allow the hot shower to face directly such that it helps you in the nasal congestion.

Apple cider vinegar

Inhalation of the steam from the apple cider vinegar solution and the hot water can be an effective way to treat the nasal congestion. One other effective therapy is that you can mix the three tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar with the three tablespoons of honey in the hot water and drink this solution twice in a day to get the relief.

Citrus Fruits

The fruits containing Vitamin C are very effective in the relief of the problems specially the infections or illnesses such as nasal polyps. Vitamin C has the ability to increase the potential of our immune system and gives our body the ability to fight with such conditions. Fruits containing Vitamin C includes Oranges, Lemon, Kiwi, grapefruits etc.

Horseradish with Honey

It is considered as the top most effective home remedy because of the excellent antibacterial properties that it possesses. It has the strong odor so you can mix it with honey and eat it twice in a day.

Castor Oil

It also has the ability to increase our immune system’s potential to fight with the external allergens and especially the nasal polyps. Simply take one tablespoon of the castor oil in the morning each day and it will show effective relief of the symptoms.

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