Home Remedies For Quick Relief Of Receding Gums

The receding gums are one of the first indication that warns you about having the gum infection. When your gums have started to recede, they actually create the space between the teeth and the gums and this is how, the bacteria will get the chance to enter into the gums and it will start the damage. Most of the reasons for this receding gum include the periodontal diseases, dental hygiene, hormonal imbalance, heredity and the harsh brushing of the teeth. These receding gums don’t mean that you have to pay a lot of fees to your dentist in order to fix this problem. All you have to do is to follow the simple tips at your home and you will get rid of these receding gums quickly and effectively. Have a look at these remedies.

Home Remedies For Quick Relief Of Receding Gums

Green tea

This green tea is rich in the antioxidants and it is known as the health elixir and it can be used for the treatment and prevention of several diseases. This green tea helps in the destruction of the bacteria that is present within the mouth that is actually causing the periodontal diseases. Simply, take one cup of green tea in the morning and this is how, your gums will be completely healthy and it will keep your teeth strong.

Sesame Oil

It is used just like the mouthwash in order to remove all the toxic substances along with the plague that is built up in the gums that is actually causing the receding of the gums. Simply take one quarter cup of this sesame oil and wash your mouth with it just like the usual mouthwash. This is how all the toxins will be removed too.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has the best anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties so to get these effects, simply take the fresh gel from this Aloe Vera plant and use it to brush your teeth. Moreover, if you also want additional effects then you can use the Aloe Vera mouthwash every morning and also after the meals for the protection of your tooth.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the best remedy for the receding gums because of the antimicrobial properties that it possesses. Simply take the virgin coconut oil and wash your mouth with it after the brush to your teeth. This will give the best protection to your teeth against bacterias.

Lemon Oil

It also possesses antiseptic and antibacterial properties to be used as the best therapy for the receding gums. It is not recommended each day because it can also erode the enamel. Simply infuse the olive oil with the lemon oil for several weeks and swish your mouth with this first thing in the morning.


This essential oil is best in the killing of the germs and it prevents the tooth decay. Simply take the eucalyptus oil and dilute it with the water. Massage this oil for a few minutes on the gums and then rinse off.


The clove is well praised for its actions on the damaged tooth and other infections. They work as the most powerful disinfectant. So, you can simply use one clove and make its powder. Apply it on the gums and leave for a few minutes. You can also apply the clove oil on these gums for the similar action.


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