7 Home Remedies For Constipation In Toddlers

The presence of the constipation within the toddlers is one of the very common problems. If your child is having only 4 stools in a week or he suffers from the difficulty of passing the stool, then it is sure that he is actually suffering from the constipation. This is actually resulted because of the changes within the dietary patterns as the baby’s digestive system needs the time to adjust from the liquid to the solid diet. The first time training of the toilet can also lead to the constipation within the toddlers because they feel highly uncomfortable for being on the toilet seat and thus they actually hold back their stool and this is how the constipation arises. Any illness or stress can also cause the constipation to occur within the toddlers.

Most of the parents get back to the doctors to treat their baby with the medicines without having any idea that these medicines are not actually the cure to the constipation rather they are the temporary ideas. So, it is best to use the natural and home remedies to treat the constipation of your toddler. Here we are providing the list of the 7 home remedies that have proved to be highly effective in treating the toddler’s constipation. Have a look at the amazing home remedies.

Natural Remedies For Constipation In Toddlers

Increase Intake of Fluid

As the kidneys are the primary organs that detoxify the system so the intake of the large amount of water along with the fresh juices can help your baby’s kidney to dilute and detoxify the system. So, try to give a large quantity of juices to your baby.

Increase Intake of Fiber

Foods that are rich in the fibers should be taken in order to avoid the constipation. The large variety of fruits such as apricots, sweet potatoes, plums, pears, carrots, beans and spinach can be eaten to get rid of constipation.

Natural Laxative

You can simply add the ground flax seeds within your kid’s meal. It is a natural high fiber containing food that causes the laxative action. Make sure that you are not using the whole flax because it can cause the worsening of the constipation. You can also use one teaspoon of castor oil in one glass of milk to achieve the same action.


Simply soak the one handful of these raisins in one glass of water for the entire night. Crush them well in the morning and strain. Now give this liquid to your kid.

Honey With The Sugar

As you know that in the early morning, your baby’s stomach is completely empty, so give him one teaspoon of honey or sugar in the milk and it will treat your baby’s constipation quickly.

Olive Oil

After successfully trying it on my baby, I recommend you to try it once as it has showed completely amazing and long term effects. Simply, add ¼ th cup of the olive oil in the ¼ th cup of the orange juice and drink this mixture at least once in a day to get rid of the constipation.


Soak these organic prunes in the water for one night and strain them within the morning. Now give this water to your toddler and check out the amazing and instant effects caused by these natural laxatives.


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