7 Excellent Home Remedies For Pleurisy

7 Excellent Home Remedies For Pleurisy

Pleurisy is one of the common conditions that is caused by an inflammation. The inflammation basically happens to be in the pleura membrane. This membrane is found in chest cavity. It is adjacent to the lungs as well. The patient encounters severe pain during inhalation and exhalation and this pain worsens when the patient coughs and sneezes. The patient feels the reduction in his appetite along with the dry cough.

Main causes are

• Fracture in the rub cage
• Chest trauma
• Cardiac surgery
• Rarely, it could be the result of lung cancer
Before going to the doctor, make sure that you have tried these effective and instant home remedies that can help you in this pleurisy. It is very common that people find cures with these natural remedies before going to their doctor. Have a look at the top 7 home remedies to treat the pleurisy.

Home Remedies For Pleurisy

Diet Remedy

If you are suffering from the pleurisy then it is recommended to fast in the first few days by drinking only water. Avoid all types of solid and liquid food. Start the milk diet after the relief of the symptoms. Take at least four liters of milk each day or you can take the oranges to enhance your immune system. You can also take the cabbage, potato, cauliflower and gourd.

Rest And Have Fresh Air

You should take maximum rest and try to lay on the side that pains more. You must try to take large amounts of air and you can take an air bath along with the sunbath. The Taking of the seashore air bath is very helpful in morning time. Bathing within the salt lakes have also shown effective results.

Cough Syrup

You can take the codeine cough syrup in order to treat the cough. This pleurisy root tea is one of the effective tea to get rid of the cough as it helps in the expel of the mucus by clearing the lungs. Avoid heavy lifting along with the heavy exercise.

Heat application

This heat application helps in the cure of the symptoms of the pleurisy. You can take the bath with the hot water or you can add the olbas oil in the water bath. You can also apply the hot chest packs for one hour at least three times in a day. While using these hot chest packs, make sure that you are breathing deep.

Basil leaves

This holy basil leaves are best for the treatment of the pleurisy. Before having the breakfast, try to eat at least 20 grams of the leaves. You can eat them in the evening time too. They help in the dryness of the pleura fluid and this in turn provides relief to the patient.

Linseed Poultice

In order to get the cure, you can apply this linseed poultice on your chest and back and make sure that these poultice are very loose. The warm massage can also help in the reduction of the pleurisy symptoms. Whenever you gain the strength try to do some moderate exercise.


You can also use the humidifier because it works by making the air moist and this is how the sputum becomes thin and your cough will be gone completely. You can use the humidifier before the sleep. You should use it each day so that all the bacteria and fungus will be removed from the body.

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