7 Effective Home Remedies to Treat Boils

7 Effective Home Remedies to Treat Boils

Boils or the skin abscesses are actually the skin infections that are usually in the form of hard and large pimples containing the pus within the center. How it is actually formed? This formation of the boil actually starts with the redness and tenderness on skin. After some time, the proteins, white blood cells and the bacteria enter in this boil center and starts the formation of pus, making it very tender to touch and thus it is highly painful. They are present in various shapes such as cystic acne or pilonidal cyst, furuncles or carbuncle. These boils can appear at any place on your body, such as breast, head, scalp, face, back, groin and it is highly contagious in nature.

Before going to your doctor, it is usually recommended to take the help of some home remedies because most of the boils and abscesses are usually treated with the home remedies so why to pay lots of fees to the doctor. Have a look at the 7 most effective home remedies that you must try to get rid of the boils.

How to Treat Boils

Warm compress

Some of the people actually use the boil drawing salves in order to pull all the pus. Apart from doing all these things, you can treat the boil with the help of warm washcloth compress. All you need is to dip the clean cloth within the warm water and if you want better results then add some salt to this water. Now, place this warm cloth on the boil for the period of 10 minutes. Perform this remedy for at least 6 times in a day to get the instant relief.


Turmeric is used as one of the natural purifier of blood because it possesses the best anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in the boils treatment. Within the glass of the warm water or milk, stir one turmeric spoon and drink this herbal mixture for at least three times in a day.

Tea Tree Oil

This tea tree oil is one of the most preferable antiseptic that is used to heal the skin problems of any kind. In order to get rid of the boil, simply apply only one drop of this tea tree oil on the boil directly.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is used as the best antiseptic to treat the boil. Put the castor oil drops on the cotton ball and apply it directly on the boil. It will remove the pus instantly.


Milk is one of the ancient remedy for boils treatment. Heat only one cup milk with three tsp of salt. Stir this mixture evenly and adds some bread crumbles to make the thick mixture. Apply it directly on the boil and repeat the process for several times within the day.


Because of the best antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, take thick onion slices and place them on the boil directly. Wrap onion with the cloth so that its heat reaches in the skin and repeat the process two to three times in a day.


Egg whites are best in removing the boils so take one egg and boil it. After peeling, wet the egg white and apply it to the boil. Cover the boil with the clean cloth. So, apply this now and see the instant results.


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