7 Effective Home Remedies For Birth Control

Birth Control

Everyone in this world loves to have children, but nearly every couple has decided the best time to have them. This is one of the beautiful phases of the life in which parents think about the planning of the children. In order to avoid the unwanted pregnancy, the majority of women use the contraceptive pills that provide a large number of long term side effects to your body. So, what should you do to avoid the pregnancy? Well, there are a lot of effective natural and home remedies in order to control the birth. Such remedies actually prevent the implantation and fertilization or they can simply work by stimulating the menstruation. You can try any of the give home remedies to control the birth But if you have got the positive pregnancy test then try not to use these remedies because it can result in the miscarriage. So, have a look at the best remedies that can help you in the birth control.

Effective Home Remedies For Birth Control


It is one of the most effective remedy to control the birth. Simply eat the papaya at least two times in a day for 3 to 4 days after the unsafe intercourse. This will help your body in preventing the implantation and the papaya seeds also work by reducing the count of sperms in the males. After stopping the intake, it will return back to normal.


If you want the best method of preventing the conception, then here it is. Simply eat 2 to 3 dried fig pieces after you have the unsafe intercourse. It will prevent the pregnancy and helps in the treatment of the irregularities within the body. Make sure that you are not taking excessive figs because it can upset your stomach.


Ginger helps in the normal menstrual flow. You only have to drink 2 cups of the strong tea of ginger each day in order to prevent the pregnancy. In order to prepare tea, simply wash ginger and crush it. boil one cup water and add this crushed ginger into it. Boil it for some minutes and steep for at least 5 minutes.


To attain the highly beneficial birth control effect of apricot, simply add the hundred grams of the dried apricot in the 2 tablespoons of the honey and add it in one cup of water. Boil this mixture for at least 20 minutes and blend it and then drink it.


It avoids pregnancy in the long term as it stimulates the uterus and induces the abortion. It will not provide an instant effect, so it is usually advised to the consumers to take it regularly for a longer time period. Make sure that you are consulting your doctor before the intake of cinnamon.

Vitamin C

If taken in the pure form, it is one of the best methods to control birth. Because of the presence of the ascorbic acid in it, it interferes with progesterone hormone. So take 1500 mg of vitamin C capsules two times in a day for two to three days if you have any unsafe intercourse.


It also induces the abortion and prevents the conception. So, you can drink the juice of asafetida with the water each month to avoid the pregnancy.


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