7 Best Home Remedies For Dark Knees

7 Best Home Remedies For Dark Knees

During summer season we face the very common problem that is Dark knees. The people feel embarrassing because of Dark knees. The dark complexion people have dark knee or ashy knees. This problem of ashy knees equally affective to men, women as well as children. The color of knee become extremely dark in the summer. Here are the seven natural home remedies to get rid of dark knee or ashy knees.

Best Tips For Lightening Dark Knees

Baking Soda For Dark Knees

The main reason of Dark and ashy knees are accumulation of dead skin cells on the knees. These cells after interacting with the oxygen become turn in the dark skin. So it is necessary to remove that. For this purpose we can use the baking soda which is the best effective natural remedies for the dark skin. Take the baking soda and mix this with the water. Make the paste of baking soda. Apply this paste at your dark knee for 10 minutes. Repeat this regularly for best result. Regularly use of Baking soda paste helps to remove the dead and flaky dark skin.

Oatmeal Scrub For Dark Knees

Oatmeal is one of the effective remedy for dark skin. Take two tablespoons powdered of oatmeal and two teaspoons fresh cream. Mix these two properly and make the paste. You can use the cold cream or honey as well for making the paste. Apply the prepared paste on the knees and leave for five minutes. Give the gentle massage on your dark knee using the fingure tip. Leave the paste for few minutes on the dark knee.

Almonds For Dark Knees

Almond is the pure natural remedy which is effective for the dark skin. Just take one tea spoon Almond powder and one teaspoon almond shells. First make the mixture of almond powder and almond shell, and then you need to mix these to the fresh cream. Prepare this paste well and apply this scrub on the dark knees. Give the gentle massage on you dark knee for few minutes. This will defiantly help for the dark skin.

Chickpea Powder and Vaseline For Dark Knees

Chickpea Powder and Vaseline both are the effective treatment for the dark skin or dark knee. Make the paste of Chickpea Powder with mix the water. First wash your dark knees with the paste of Chickpea Powder. Apply the paste on your knees and wait till dry. After few minutes, remove the dry paste of Chickpea Powder with the help of cold water. Now we will talk about Vaseline. Take the dollop of Vaseline and give the proper rubbing on it on your knees. Put some amount of Vaseline on the dark knee and wrap with bandages. Use this tips repeatedly on every night before go to the bed. This will help you to remove the tanning dark skin and give you the fair skin.

Olive Oil for Dark knees

Olive Oil is one of the best home remedy which can be use for the dark knees problem. Olive oil you can find easily in your kitchen. Take a little olive oil and make it warm. Gently apply this warm olive oil on your dark knees. For few minutes, rub the warm olive oil on your dark knees. These treatment uses only at night before go to the bed. Repeat these tips 2-3 times in a week and you can see the difference of you dark knees.

Vitamin E Oil For Dark Knees

vitamin E oil is the natural remedy to be use for dark knees. Make a mixture of vitamin E with a little sugar. Make the mixture of vitamin E with sugar until the sugar has dissolved in the oil. Apply this oil mixture for few minutes on the dark knees. Rub this mixture for few minutes and leave this for over night.

Lemon For Dark Knees

As we know Lemon is natural bleach. We can use the lemon to treat the dark knees. Cut the lemon of one half. Rub the half lemon your knee. Make sure that knee must have been washed before rubbing the lemon fruit on knee. Apply this method for few minutes and keep the juice to dry on the applied knees. Wash the knee with cold water. Repeat this method for 4-5 times in a day. These will very effective method to get rid ofdark knees.

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